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Student Involvement & Leadership (SIL) is committed to fostering the holistic development of students by providing services that empower them to gain a better understanding of their personal potential through opportunities that cultivate leadership, meaningful relationships, and life-long learning in an inclusive environment. 

目标 & 结果


  • Establish and implement co-curricular services and leadership programs that will enhance students’ skills and cultural competency. 
  • Create opportunities for students to connect with other members of the community via programs and events that enhance the student experience. 
  • Develop students, whole person, to be educated leaders and citizens which is in congruence with the Saint Mary’s mission: “To create a student-centered educational community whose members support one another with mutual understanding and respect.” 

Student Learning 结果 

As a result of engaging with Student Involvement & Leadership, students will learn to: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the complexities behind organizational work while developing skills that allow them to succeed in ever-changing, 日益增长的, and adapting organizations
  • Obtain tangible professional skills that upon graduation will make them competitive in the job market
  • Increase their sense of belonging within the Saint Mary’s community by engaging with campus partners/resources, student organizations, and student leaders (partner v resource)
  • Engage with different identities to gain a broader understanding of their own
  • Acquire the skills necessary to respectfully engage as members of an inclusive community 

Digital Sign Link and QR Code

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2) Staff from Student Involvement & Leadership approve your submission.

3) Success! Your sign is posted digitally!

Please contact Student Involvement & Leadership (x4704, for further information or questions. Many thanks to IT Services for creating this new option for promotion around campus.

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